Special Events

Specialized training to fit your institution's needs. In person and remote schools, accredited specific topic training, and member groups to share insights on the latest subjects. We do it all and make it easy for you.

Collaborative BSA Schools

Our one of a kind BSA Schools. Focused on you and the combined knowledge of others in the same boat you. The best way to learn is with real connections, not being talked at for hours!

CryptoCurrency Training

CryptoCurrency training for your institution. Get CAMS credits and learn about risks that you maybe weren't aware of. Industry experts will teach you all you need to know over this three-hour session!

CA Member Group: Cannabis Connect Group

It's a conundrum isn't it? So many risks involved, so many state interpretations, and unclear guidance from the Fed. Tackle risk assessments on CBD, Hemp, and Marijuana with other community financial institutions. There's no substitute for first-hand experience!